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Become a member of South Africa's pioneering, historical medical aid scheme.

Application For Membership

To successfully complete the form, please ensure you have the following information:

  • Your personal details
  • Details of your dependants
  • Employment details (including proof of income – i.e. payslip, SARS ITA34)
  • Previous and Current medical aid details (if applicable), including membership certification with termination dates – for the main member and dependants
  • Broker Details (if applicable)
  • Banking Details (For debit order and refunds)
  • Copies of (where applicable):
    • Identity documents (i.e. SA ID, Birth Certificates / Passport)
    • Marriage certificate / proof of common-law marriage or co-habitation
    • Documentary proof in case of adopted/foster children
    • Proof of study, or affidavit proving financial dependency, for dependants between 21 and 25
    • Proof of pre-existing health conditions
    • Dependant/s, or doctor's letter for mentally or physically disabled children
    • Proof of bank account (i.e. cancelled cheque, original bank statement, bank letter)

Any oustanding documents can be emailed, at a later stage, to, quoting your ID/Passport number in the subject line.